Associated companies

ICAP's associated companies cover a wide range of services from treasury consultancy to highly specialised broking businesses.


The CIMD group is the main independent intermediary and consultancy firm in the Iberian Financial and Energy markets. Its ability to work in different areas facilitates a full vision of the market and a perfect opportunity to create synergies among the different companies of which it is composed.

First Brokers

Based in New York, First Brokers Securities is the leading interdealer broker in US dollar-denominated corporate debt. With more than 80 brokers serving a global customer base, its leading position in corporate bonds complements ICAP's leadership in broking non-corporate bonds, particularly government bonds and Eurobonds.

Wrightson ICAP

Founded in 1978 as an independent research firm, Wrightson joined the ICAP group of companies in 2000. The company specialises in the analysis of Federal Reserve operations and policy, Treasury financing trends and high-frequency economic data. Its customers include portfolio managers and traders in the money, bond and currency markets, as well as economists, strategists and central bank officials around the world.