Emerging Market Bonds

Emerging markets are developing countries with fledgling capital markets. Banks make loans to emerging market nations as well as providing assistance in issuing Government Bonds and other debt securities.

Global broking

ICAP is active across the full spectrum of Emerging Market Debt from local domestic bonds to Eurobonds. We are able to offer our customers a comprehensive service because of our global network and our strength in complimentary products such as Emerging Market repo and foreign exchange.

ICAP has a proprietary live screen which gives customers real-time price information on emerging markets issues.

Brady bonds
Brady bonds were issued by Latin American countries as part of a scheme to reschedule their debt repayments. They are named after Nicholas Brady, the former US Treasury Secretary. ICAP's Emerging Markets desk provides a full pricing and execution service in Brady bonds. These credits include Latin, Middle Eastern, African, Eastern European and Russian regions in both sovereign and corporate markets.

Hungarian government bonds
Hungarian bonds have been a cornerstone of ICAP's involvement in Central Europe for many years.We continue to build a strong presence in this market, which we regard as crucial as we develop closer ties with banks in the region. Prices can be found on Reuters GBHUNGARY.

Polish government bonds
Having been involved in the Polish bond market for nearly 10 years and with a highly regarded presence in Warsaw, ICAP is ideally placed to provide a thoroughly professional and well informed service across the Polish bond curve. Prices are displayed on Reuters GBPOLAND.

South African government bonds
South African government bonds can be bought by both local and international investors. ICAP's offices in London and Johannesburg provide a full broking service to all investors in both centres.

Emerging Market Eurobonds
Emerging Market Eurobonds deal in many areas of both corporate and sovereign debt. Volumes are high in Russia, Turkey and Latin America with a real increase in other Eastern European sectors.