ICAP Commercial & Local Authority Desk

Our dedicated Commercial and Local Authority team offers Cash and Fixed Income products to clients in the Corporate, Charitable and Public Sector. Our strong reputation in these sectors has enabled us to more recently expand within the fund management community and previously un-tapped financial institutions. Through a diverse client base, our expert team of brokers offer access to unrivalled liquidity provided by our strong and trusted relationships.

We connect a diverse client base:

  • Public Sector
  • Housing Sector
  • Corporates
  • Central Banks
  • Money Funds
  • Pension Funds

Offering multiple asset classes:

  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Cash Deposits
  • Bonds / FRNs / SSAs / ESG investments
  • Long-Term Public Sector Loan Structures
  • Intra Local Authority Loans

Unrivalled expertise and client service:

  • Strong relationships with the interbank community enabling excellent service and liquidity to our client base
  • Access to secondary markets
  • Extensive coverage across currencies
  • STP to ensure reliable and timely settlement

Get in touch:

  1. Director: Chris Spencer - Christopher.Spencer@icap.com
  2. Head of Public Sector Institutions: Tom Matthiae - Thomas.Matthiae@icap.com

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