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A repo, or repurchase agreement, is a contract to sell and subsequently repurchase a security on a specified date at an agreed price, in order to raise short-term capital.

Based in Europe with teams in both Asia and the US, we are the leading provider of pricing globally for inflation swaps and swaps across a variety of currencies.

This market has gone on to become as one of the biggest and most actively traded short-term money markets. It is an important source of liquidity for market participants, with the majority of trades being done in deliverable overnight repos.

Global broking

ICAP is unrivalled as the interdealer broker in government and credit repo in Europe and North America.

ICAP’s repo desks have dedicated teams who can facilitate trading across the world, paying particular attention to the individual requirements of each customer.

ICAP offers a variety of repurchase agreement products using US Treasury bills, Canadian and European government bonds and gilts as collateral, as well as covered, supranational, agency and corporate bonds.

Electronic markets

Trades on the US and EU repo markets are executed via the award-winning BrokerTec electronic platform to ensure a transparent and orderly marketplace. The platform creates a level playing field for trades for all participants, with improved risk management and cost effective pre and post trade solutions.