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Information services

Market participants and professionals can use the services and solutions delivered by ICAP’s market data division to meet the challenges of the evolving, modern trading and investment environment. Our information business empowers customers to make trading decisions with market information across key asset classes.

Information services

ICAP Information provides real-time, end-of-day and historical data solutions sourced from ICAP, a leading markets operator and provider of information services. We empower customers to make trading decisions with authoritative, independent and reliable OTC market information, delivered across a range of products and ICAP brands.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your risk management processes, support algorithmic trading strategies, evaluate portfolios or meet regulatory requirements, ICAP Information provides original solutions across all key asset classes.

Our data is the intelligence behind algorithmic trading and research models for customers and is a key source of mark-to-market data for the industry.

ICAP Information delivers 100,000 records generating an average of 300 million updates per day.

ICAP Indices

ICAP Information calculates and publishes ICAP Indices and a range of bespoke indices on behalf of partners. ICAP Information's bespoke index service provides independent market references for financial institutions with specific requirements. Bespoke indices can utilise ICAP’s extensive range of asset class and instrument data.

For further information about the range of indices available, please visit www.icapindices.com or contact us at indexenquiries@icap.com

Market commentary

The international wholesale financial markets are complex and fast-moving, their direction and volatility influenced by a broad range of economic, political and corporate events.

By providing global market information and commentary for professionals in the international financial markets, ICAP helps traders, risk managers and others understand and respond to market dynamics by providing unique, authoritative analysis from notable economists in key global markets.

To find out more about how ICAP’s range of market information, commentary and research solutions can help your business, contact enquiries@icapinformation.com